Is a MacBook Air sufficient for a nursing student?

My ideal MacBook needs three things:

1.) It just needs to be able to handle basic computing (web browsing, word processing, maybe the occasional presentation, etc.) and some multimedia (streaming music and videos from the web). No photo or video editing or gaming.
2.) It needs to be able to do the aforementioned tasks quickly and easily.
3.) It needs to last me through 3 more years of college.

I am leaning toward the base 13 inch MacBook Air because:

1.) It has a solid state drive.
2.) It costs less than a customized MacBook Pro with a solid state drive.

I love how quickly computers with solid state drives boot up and my family owns a five year old desktop PC with a 250GB hard drive that is less than half full with 3 separate users and 2 large iTunes libraries (all music, no videos) so a 128GB solid state drive should be sufficient for my needs.

That being said, this is my first Mac and everyone I've asked says to buy a MacBook Pro instead. I don't see why though. I don't use peripherals often - maybe a mouse and an external hard drive. I almost never use an optical drive and I don't think there's any special software required for my program that needs an optical drive to be installed.

Is a MacBook Air sufficient for me? Or should I get a MacBook Pro instead?

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    Given the requirements you listed, I don't see anything there that would need the additional power of a MBP.

    • Answered by Jamie B
    • 12 24, 11