Is MacBook air good enough for music recording

Is the 64 g good enough to record music?

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    I've used my Macbook Air (mid-2011) for very light music and audio recording. It has a few issues for anything beyond that. One is that there not much storage for programs and virtual instruments, though that can dealt with by using an external drive. Another is that if you do anything even remotely intensive it heats up ALOT and the fan starts going and it gets noisy. Basically it works in a pinch but I definitely wouldn't recommend buying one to use primarily for recording.

    • Answered by Clifford T from Portland
    • 10 28, 13
  • It is OK for light usage. For heavy usage or for professional studio recording I would recommend a desktop computer with a realtime operating system, to eliminate the possibility of dropouts. Mac OS X is not a realtime operating system. There are various other versions of Unix that are realtime. Another option is a dedicated non-computer audio recording machine.

    • Answered by Alexander J from Winston-salem
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