Is the 13" Macbook Pro suitable for audio engineering?

I'm thinking of buying a Macbook Pro, and I'm primarily going to use it for my home studio, but I'm on a budget. So, my question is: is the 13" MBP capable enough to handle all the rigors of a big DAW such as Logic? I'll be using it with an audio interface and MIDI controller. Other primary uses include:

Surfing the web
Listening to music
Lots of image processing (I'm an amateur photographer)
Neat and clean file management (I have a lot of multimedia)

Will the 13" be sufficient for all of these intertwined private/professional uses? I'm looking at the base model here.

All my musician friends swear by their 15" MBPs, and although I'd love to have it, I simply don't have that kind of cash. I'm willing to reconsider it if somebody can make a strong case for it.

Please advise.

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    I don't own a Macbook Pro yet, so take my advice for whatever it is worth. I'm looking at the specs of the baseline 13 inch Macbook Pro with no upgrades. I think it will be a little less than ideal, but it should work fine. It has a FireWire port which you will need to plug in your audio interface.

    A 13 inch screen is pretty small for DAW work, but you can always connect a 3rd party display to the Thunderbolt port using an Apple adapter.

    500 GB hard drive space isn't a whole lot of space if you want to install all the extras that come with Logic, but it should be more than enough. Just make sure you have an external hard drive to save completed songs to so they don't take up space on the MacBook Pro.

    If you have lag with the 4GB memory you can always upgrade it to 8GB at a later date.

    • Answered by Aaron W from Quincy
    • 08 3, 12