Is the mac book air or pro better for photoshop and basic web surfing with a little bit of facebook gaming, and downloading small media files?

I am a little unsure about the tiny screen size and lack of ports in the air, but the price for the pro is much steeper
I am also completely confused when it comes to the specs. I dont need something too fancy, but I dont want to have to worry about not having enough space for all of my photos, or music or papers for school

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    Hi there,

    To start with MacBook Air is not a bad option. Try to answer the below question as part of your decision then you will know which one is good for you.

    Due you need big screen to resize or play around with your pictures
    Is photography your main business
    Are you into hardcore editing of pictures , audio or video file

    for all the above you will need a dedicated graphic card , so Macbook Pro is needed if not Air will do.

    Are you someone who keeps all the music , pictures and movies in your laptop all time then you need Macbook pro. If you are a person who dumps the file to external drive then Air will do the job

    A for the port Macbook Pro has better option example you go to a place only ethernet (network cable ) is allowed MacBook Pro is good cos' you need to buy more accessories to compensate Pro port on Air.

    If you travel a lot then Air is better.

    last but not the least you can get an adapter and connect your Mac to bigger display if need bigger screen or Thunderbolt display is a good option..

    I don't want to confuse you with lot of question , if answer all the question it will help you judge better


    • Answered by Imran K from Dubai
    • 04 10, 12