Mac book pro or air?? High school student, with a budget!! Please help!!

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    Look, i've been into this confusing dilemma before!
    After SO many comparisons, i've decided to go for the baseline pro and upgrade it to 128 Vertex 4, then just sell the existing HDD or replace it with the the optical drive (one does not simply use one now).

    My thoughts about the macbook air is thatv you simply get a macbook pro, throw some stuff out of it like Optical Drive, Ethernet, FireWire, and throw 0,7 GHz of Processor as well as battery indicator and the fact that it's upgradable.

    While, when you buy the Air you only gain SSD, which can be futurely or instantly upgraded.

    The Weight of the Pro is SO light compared to the average HP laptop!
    Think about it, Ethernet is 3x faster than wireless, Processor is the heart of the computer ans no other part is simply more important!
    Battery Indicator is very cool indeed!
    What if it pops up into your mind to do a video project with your family and friends, what do you tell them?
    My 1200$ "cool" Macbook Air can't do it?

    • Answered by Nermine E from Cairo
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