Mac Mini or iMac for my day to day use.

Hello there,

I'm looking to bin my old laptop and buy a mac of some description. I have a few requirements however.

I'd like to run some windows based farm management software (accounting, record keeping, GPS machinery tracking/live updating etc) and general office bits and pieces (Word, Excel etc.)

I'm a very amateur photographer, but would like to do some photoshop editing (my current laptop is holding me back with regards to this).

I'd like to know if that mini mac is upto this, and could I link it to a TV? If not can I link a set top box to an iMac? Or should I stop being so tight, earn some overtime money and buy both a TV and computer!

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    I am asking myself similar questions. Whilst the Mac Mini can easily be carried away from your home it is essentially plugged into an existing monitor. Therefore the Mac Mini and iMac are desk-bound computers. I have an Apple 27" Cinema Display which can run from a Mac Mini but the latter is so small it does not have an internal drive. You would need by buy a separate Apple Superdrive to load the Parallels application which makes your Mac a PC. I think you have to buy the Windows OS to boot Parallels in PC mode.
    But hey, MS Office For Mac $90? interleaves with MS docs.

    That takes care of your farm management software. Same comments apply to the iMac which has a 27" display – as an all-in-one solution. The monitor is the 'box', all of the computer standing on one broad foot. It comes with keyboard and mouse, WiFi or corded, and lots of Apple applications pre-loaded. iPhoto (gratis) is getting better at manipulating photos but you can buy Photoshop for Mac or Apple's own Aperture.
    With the large screen why buy a TV?
    Anyway, they both drive a suitable TV with Apple TV software. Check with Sales.

    The greatest point in the PC vs Mac debate is that Apple makes the machines and a sizeable suite of software so they are bound to work properly together. MS has no control over the machines.

    Apple iWork combines Keynote (Powerpoint), Numbers spreadsheet and Pages wordprocessor. If you are used to MS Office you can buy Office For Mac for some $90?

    VERY IMPORTANT re-iMac; the cash upfront problem.
    Buy the largest drive and most memory on ordering, I'd say more than 8GB and preferably 16GB RAM built-in at the factory as modules cannot be installed later.
    I am suggesting big RAM if you use Mac as your PC too.

    I am out of my depth on GPS. Some new cameras have GPS and download to Mac.
    No viruses. Time? You can be absorbed in Mac, new OS X is bewitching...
    You will need that overtime for a fully furnished Mac.
    Good Irish Luck,

    • Answered by Adrien Y
    • 10 27, 12