Mac mini vs Macbook Pro 13"

I am thinking about upgrading from a PC to a Mac and saw the Mac mini and the Macbook Pro. I have a monitor and other accessories from the PC and was not sure what to do.

If I did get a Mac mini it would be the one with
-2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
-2GB memory
-500GB hard drive @ 5400 rpm

The Macbook Pro would be the 13-inch with
-2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz
-4GB 1600MHz memory
-500GB 5400-rpm hard drive

Not sure what to do.

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    It comes down to portability vs screen real estate.

    The two machines you're looking at are comparable in power, but one can go anywhere and one can plug into a much larger screen. I've long been a MacBook Pro user from the early days with the PowerBook 165c, but that's when I needed power and portability, now I find I don't need anymore power than an iPhone for on the road stuff, and it's the most portable, and at home I don't need any more power than a Mac Mini, I don't make feature length films and edit National Geographic photos like many Mac aficionados apparently do.

    I like this setup; it's cheaper than a MacBook Pro, more portable, has a larger screen from the Mac Mini, and has virtually the same power. You have to weigh your priorities, but the nice thing about a MacBook is that you can take it with you for help while you're learning the new machine. It's far easier than Windows, but it's different than what you're used to.

    • Answered by Colin C from Bradenton
    • 02 2, 13
  • You left out the most important information, namely the prices and your preference for a notebook versus a desktop computer. If you are prone to a notebook rather than a desktop, and are willing to pay extra for it, then the Macbook Pro is for you. Remember, you will be paying partly for an additional monitor and keyboard versus those you already own. If not, the Mac mini would be my choice provided you increased the memory to at least 4GB. Although the Mac Mini is small and light, you won't be carrying it around like you would the Macbook Pro. Of course, what you plan to do with it also applies since the Macbook Pro sounds a bit more powerful than the Mac mini. But there are people who own both and love each of them, so regardless, welcome to the world of Macs!

    • Answered by Larry S from Brookline
    • 10 5, 12