Macbook Air 11" 2012 4GB vs 8GB?

I want to get a macbook air for university but I dont know if it'a worth it to upgrade the 11" to 8 GB of RAM or to just keep it at 4GB?

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    It depends on how you will use your machine, and what apps you use regularly. If you use apps such as Photoshop, then more RAM will make a difference. Or, if you like to run many apps at one time, or have lots of tabs open in your browser.

    Some other pros and cons consider: You can't upgrade it later--never. If you intend to resell it, you probably won't get the money back out of the upgrade. If you keep it a "long" time, you will want more RAM as apps develop and require more.

    Personally, I have never regretted having more RAM.

    • Answered by Jon M from Clarkesville
    • 07 13, 12
  • Trust me, it is worth the upgrade. You will appreciate the extra RAM for its speediness. You will not be able to upgrade later so it is better now than never.

    • Answered by Anthony A from Ronkonkoma
    • 07 12, 12