Macbook Pro: 13" or 15"?

I'm looking for a Macbook Pro. 13" or 15"? I will be using this for all my work for school, games, movies... all the things a regular teenage girl would use it for. The only thing is, it's my first time using a Mac, and I have no clue which one to get!

Please help me fast!!



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    Definitely get the Macbook Pro 15", it is faster and the screen size is perfect compared to the small 13" and plus it will be able to hold all of your information for school and work! There is not much difference in price between the two.

    • Answered by Terrence P from Troy
    • 12 21, 11
  • Neither - get the 13'' MacBook Air :)

    Why? Its lighter, much more portable and almost as powerful as the Pro. The 13'' Air also has a higher resolution screen than the 13'' MacBook Pro - 1440x900 versus 1280x800. It doesn't sound like a huge difference but its noticeable.

    In fact, the 13'' Air has the same screen resolution as the 15'' MacBook Pro (though its physically smaller) so you're getting a really great computer in a very portable package.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Answered by Rory S from Glenrothes
    • 02 11, 12