MacBook Pro 13 vs MacBook Pro 15 for high school

I am looking to buy a Mac for high school and I'm stuck between the higher end 13 inch or the baseline 15 inch. Price is not an issue, I'm just concerned the screen real estate will be too small for light video/photo editing but the 15 inch will be too heavy to carry around. Another thing I'm concerned about is the screen resolution on the 13 inch won't be good. I listen to music a lot while I'm working on the computer so I would also appreciate a machine with good speakers. I would love to get the retina display Mac because of its weight but that is too much money since I need all the hard drive storage I can get.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

2 Answers from the Community

  • if your going to do light video and photo editing the 15 inch is for you as it will optimise viewing i myself own two macbook pro's a higher end 13inch and a higher inch 15 inch with retina display.

    i also use my macbook for photo editing but i mainly use my 15inch for those kind of purposes
    when i travel for work purposes i would take my 13 inch as its easily transportable and i can do all my work on the plane and off the plane I'm not saying the 15 inch isn't transportable I'm just saying i wouldn't really take my macbook with retina display on planes or anything like that as it could get damaged easily

    • Answered by Suraj L from Leicester
    • 07 27, 12
  • Best Answer:

    Unless you have a special need for high speed graphics or the larger screen, the 13 inch is a clear winner. For most things, it is powerful enough and it is so much smaller and lighter, even if the specs don't really say so. Your back/hands will tell you that soon enough.
    Just work out first what your key needs are. Gaming for a school MacBook should not be top of the list.
    And of course, there is a big price difference - somewhere round $600 to start.

    • Answered by David M from Vaucluse
    • 07 26, 12