MacBook Pro or Air for video editing, photo editing and watching lots of videos?

Hi, Basically I am either getting the MacBook pro or air for Christmas this year. I am going into year 10 and am wanting a laptop that will allow me to do school and college work. But mainly what I want it for is it do video editing, photo editing and playing sims 4. I am not sure what career I want to do but I love art so would like to be able to use it for things like that. Another thing is that I love the look of the MacBook air. I researched a bit and people say to buy MacBook air but upgrade to 4gb ram, but I cant because my dad wants to get it from a different shop with more guarantee. It will either be the 'Apple MacBook Air, MJVG2B/A, Intel Core i5, 256GB Flash Storage, 4GB RAM, 13.3" ' or the 'Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display, MF840B/A, Intel Core i5, 256GB Flash Storage, 8GB RAM, 13.3" '. I will be watching ALOT of youtube videosw because that's something i'm into and if you can give me any advice on this then thank you in advance because it's really stressing me out :)

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    Hello, If you are doing light and occasional video and photo editing I would recommend the Air. But by what you are describing I suggest the Pro, it will handle the work load better. What ever decision you make, I recommend 8GB of RAM on either model it will make things run a little bit smoother.

    • Answered by Jared M from Green Bay
    • 08 4, 15
  • Hello. Well with you in 10th grade I think the air will be just fine for the type of photo wiring you will be doing. The reason you are seeing the pro showing up as an upgrade from the air is because it is. The MacBook Pro retina is what people who are going to use their MacBooks for photography for their careers. You don't need to bump any memory up I don't think. But if I was going to make any upgrades do it on the memory when you buy it because it is almost to late after you buy it. For your first MacBook I think you will be happy with any of them. No matter who j one you will be pleased.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Benton
    • 01 16, 17
  • ,If you want a lighter and thinner laptop, go for the MacBook air or if you want a high end laptop that is reliable for video editing and photo editing, plus higher specs than the MacBook Air, go the for MacBook Pro

    • Answered by Matthew F from Downingtown
    • 01 9, 17