MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Please help me.

Hi. I'm struggling to decide between the Pro or the Air. I'd basically be using it for school work, surfing the web, downloading and watching movies + apps and it needs lots of storage for photos.

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    If you need lots of storage, Macbook Pro because you can upgrade the storage up to one terabyte (AKA: A HUGE amount of storage for a laptop.) However if you are on a budget, get the Macbook Air because if you aren't doing anything too processor intensive like photoshop or high intensity editing, the Macbook Air is good. But, the macbook air only has UP TO 512 GB flash storage. So if your on a budget, go for the 11 or 13 inch Macbook Air. I think it would be a bit of a waste to buy a crazy powerful laptop (The Macbook Pro) if you aren't doing anything too hardcore. (You could always just buy a flash drive or external storage space if you run out of storage.) I myself have the Retina 13inch Macbook Pro but i use it for photoshop and other hardcore programs.
    So here's what I think:
    If you want to spend the extra dough, go for the 13 inch Macbook Pro and upgrade the storage to your desired size.
    If your on a bit of a budget, get the Macbook Air and you could always but external storage options.
    Hope this helped!

    • Answered by Dani P from Old Bridge
    • 07 6, 15