Currently I'm taking an undergraduate course in marketing and it seems like Mac looks a lot nicer and faster than the other platforms and brand. So now I don't know which to choose.

Most of the time I would be using my laptop to do my assignments, bringing it to school for lecture, watch some videos, maybe play some low graphic games. What do you all suggest? I'm fine with not playing games cos I don't want you guys to rule out Air cos of that reason. :)


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    I'd say for you to get a 13" MBP. I've got the new 2011 one in my hands and I'm typing on it right now. It's very light and very portable. In the long run the MBP is the better choice (in my opinion.)

    • Answered by D H from Elkins Park
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  • I think the best laptop for you would be the MacBook Air, as long as you can live with the 13" screen size and the not very extensive storage space. If you're not storing a whole lot of movies and pictures though, you'll probably be fine!

    • Answered by Nick B from Dallas
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