My company is Windows based for computers. Do I need Windows for Mac?

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    It depends on what your company has supplied you and what you want to do.

    Do you want to be able to use the company's windows pc on your desk from your mac?
    If so, then Microsoft Remote Desktop connection is for you.
    This is free and available from Microsoft's website.

    Do you want to be able to take your company's pc with you on your mac?
    If so, then you have two choices:
    1. Bootcamp.
    2. Virtualised PC

    1. Bootcamp requires formatting of your mac and repartitioning the hard disc into 2 separate areas. Once done, you can install mac into the first partition windows into the second partition. You can then choose which platform to run in when starting up. Check Apple's support pages for Bootcamp.
    positive points: Dedicated machine to windows. Speedy access.
    negative points: You'll need to reboot back into mac if you want to use that as well.

    2. Virtualised PC.
    VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop are the top two contenders.
    You don't need to reformat or repartition the hard disc to use these.
    You can use your mac whilst you use your pc.

    VMWare Fusion comes with an installer for your pc to aid conversion of the company pc into a virtual machine. Your pc will run inside a disc image on your mac.

    Parallel's Desktop does the same thing.
    positive points: you don't need to format your mac, you can use windows when you want. you can move files between both platforms.
    negative points: two platforms running at the same time can slow your machine down!

    If you choose this route, make sure you have enough memory available to do this.
    Windows7 and Office will require at least 2Gb of memory to work in so your mac needs to have at least 4Gb of memory to start with.
    6Gb in your mac is better, 8Gb is best.

    • Answered by Chris W
    • 05 14, 12