Should I buy used macbook air or new mac mini

I have $500 and I want to buy a mac. My dad said I could buy his late 2010 MacBook air from him if I wanted but I can also afford a brand new mac mini with my student discounts. I can't decide what I should choose. I write iOS apps and do school work and light gaming.(eg Minecraft, surgeon simulator and portal) Which one would be better for me?

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  • Hi Aaron,
    For lightweight programming it is a good option. After my experience with Macbook Pro 2014, I sometimes think, A good Macbook Air 13/ macbook Pro 13 would have been a better option. The reason being that I take classes and program and portability is the need of the hour. It would have been awesome if Macbook retina had a better processor. I would suggest you wait around, for the Skylake processor.
    Either ways Macbook air 13/macbook pro 13 is a better option, although I wish it had a retina display as well.

    • Answered by Eeshan C from Ashburn
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