Should I get a basic 13" MacBook Pro or the high end MacBook Air 13"

I'm looking at making the upgrade to a mac after my school ordered a roomful. I'm getting the iMac (27") but I need to have a laptop that I can take with me. I'm saving the money and I hope to get the refreshed models in December this year. My question is if the MacBook Pro's and Air's stay like they are which one should I get? I like a 13" screen and I'm not going any smaller but I like the instant wake up on the Air but because I hate having slow computers I want the Pro. I'm only using this for school work, watching videos and browsing the web. How much bigger and heavier is the Pro than the Air?
I also like the Pro's price better but I'm good with paying the extra if I feel it necessary.

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    In my opinion the MacBook pro is better. With the air you can't upgrade at all so what you buy is what you are stuck with. The MacBook pro you will be able to upgrade it so it is a lot faster than the air would be. If you put a ssd in the MacBook pro then it will wake up just as fast. The air is nice because it is really portable but the pro is just a better computer. It has more ports, a cd player, it is faster, and upgradable!

    • Answered by Brent W from Grain Valley
    • 05 29, 12