Should I get a Macbook Pro 13'' or 15''?

I am going to study architecture in university soon, I have done research on few pc brands and decided to go for mac. I am having dilemma on choosing the MBP 13'' or 15''? I would use it for autocad, 3d software(rendering) and cs3 software(photoshop, illustrator). Shall I get the basic 15'' for better graphic card? the price of 15'' MBP will be the same as the upgraded 13'' MBP(8GB ram with Apple protection plan), but im trying to get one that is affordable, I dont mind if the screen is smaller but definitely should be portable(light weight). Which MBP is good enough for mine situation?

with thanks and appreciate.

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    You should get a 15inch that are faster and you can have two thunder displays connected to it too. And it has better graphic card and 15inches are pretty much the same weight.

    • Answered by Jr K from Virginia Beach
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  • I would recommend the 15 inch model. For your needs, the discrete graphics card will help a lot. I also think you would like the bigger screen.

    • Answered by Nicholas B from Dallas
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  • I think you should get the 15" considering you're going to be using Adobe CS3 software a lot, and if I were you I'd like to have that extra speed. If the weight and portability is important to you, then I'd suggest you go for the 13" as there's quite a lot of difference.

    • Answered by Tanisha D from Colorado Springs
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