Should I get the 2015 gold macbook or the 13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display for college?

I'm starting college this fall as a Nursing major and I'm stuck between the 2. Which ones do you think is better for school? I'll mostly be using it for web browsing, research, writing papers and blogging. I currently have the old version of the 13" macbook pro but I want something else now. If I get the gold macbook, then how would I use a flash drive to save my stuff since the laptop doesn't come with one? Thanks in advance!!

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    I'd say get the Macbook Pro with Retina; for the same price as the Gold Macbook you get almost double the power and wouldn't have to worry about buying any adapters for USB. (Apple charges $79 for a USB-C to USB 2.0 Adapter) Both computers are thin and lightweight but for college the Pro model is perfect.

    • Answered by Sean W from Cranston
    • 06 23, 15
  • No mostly because it doesn't have a cd drive

    • Answered by Linda N from Hoppers Crossing
    • 12 25, 15