should i get the one to one training?

I haven't found much reviews or feedback for this, and I've been told by a specialist i can only purchase the one to one at the time of purchasing my macbook (which im thinking of buying) the feedback that i have come across is mixed, those who were able to book classes have said that its great etc, and the others have said there isnt really any spaces left to book the classes. ive used a macbook before, but i can just honestly say, i know the basics, is there any need for me to go for classes, to learn what friends/family can just advise me using their knowledge?

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  • I would not bother. Lots of help full people can help you on the internet for free. and if you know the mac basics you should be fine.

    Google is always your best frend. I know when I got my first mac I used it alot!

    • Answered by Jacob K from Huntington
    • 07 4, 12