Soon to be graduate with degree in Illustration/Graphic Design. Looking to buy Macbook Pro with either Solid State Drive or Hard Drive?

I will be graduating from college within the next couple of months and desperately need a new computer. I do graphic design and illustration work and use CS4. I need something where I can run two programs, such as Illustrator and Photoshop, at once. Would the solid state drive be better for this? Or does this only depend on the computers RAM? I know that the downside is limited space, but I do have an external HD that I use. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation/experience and could make a recommendation of whether I should purchase the Macbook Pro with a SSD or a HD?

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    I recommend SSD and large external HDs. That makes your portable device more rugged to bumps drops and other mishaps.
    You will outgrow your internal storage in no time no matter what size you get, might as well organize your storage from the get go, using external HDs. Buy, 3TB minimum.
    Also get maximum RAM you can get (and afford). That you need not only for speed, but what seems luxury size today, will very quickly become minimum system requirement for new software designs.
    And don't forget storage for backup!

    • Answered by Robert K from Naples
    • 09 13, 13