Using MIDI in place of keyboard / mouse?

I use Ableton Live, a music DAW when performing live. I use an external monitor, storing the macbook closed beneath my keyboard, and use a wireless mouse to open new sessions within ableton. Each song is saved as a project, so when transitioning from one song to the next I must click on the 'file' dropdown menu at top left, select open ... select song. They are all saved in 'recently opened', so there is no finder window involved, all done in just two clicks on the file dropdown.

Other than opening the songs, I have really no need for the monitor, so I was wondering if there was any way I could bypass the display altogether and have a MIDI controller control opening new songs. Ableton has very good MIDI support WITHIN the application, but I'm having trouble finding any solution for mapping MIDI to a system command like opening a new session.

Any help or links to articles I may have missed on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey Brian!

    Did you ever fine a solution to this? I Want to do the exact same thing!


    • Answered by Harry K
    • 09 17, 17
  • Harry K--

    yes! have been using a software called midi translator made by bome. can do combination key presses as well as open specific files based on midi signal! very versatile.

    • Answered by Brian M from Burlington
    • 09 22, 17