What are the differences between the 2 Mac Book Pro 13-inch models and which one should I purchase? I will be purchasing through Apple for Education.

This will be our main computer used for web browsing, word processing/spreadsheets, uploading photos from camera (although in the end I end up saving to an external drive) and some music downloads to put on ipod/ipad. Also some home videos (which will also be saved on an external device).

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    You don't seem to be doing much processing. The main difference is the GHz and the i7 or i5 processor.

    When buying from the Apple Online Store you can configure the computer a little bit, and make it the way you want it. Once you equal out the hard drives and options like that, you need to think about the price are you willing to pay 200$ more for i7 and .4 more GHz.

    • Answered by John S from Ankeny
    • 06 3, 12