what good is a Kensington lock slot?

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    My teachers use it at school. It is really only if you want to lock down the laptop so no one will casually steal it. you can buy (i guess from Kensington) a 4 number combination lock that clicks in and is attached on the other end to a long thin metal cable that you can loop around any small enough object that isn't going anywhere, like a column of some sort.

    Is that good?

    • Answered by Nikko S from Florence
    • 06 26, 12
  • Can be used to secure a Mac to a desk, etc to keep people from walking away with it. Requires that you buy the Kensington Lock System (which consists of a metal piece that gets inserted into the lock slot and has a steel cable attached to it that you can then use a pad lock to lock the mac in place.

    • Answered by Russell C from Riverside
    • 06 26, 12