What is a faster machine? the new MacBook Pro with retina. Or the Macbook Pro with Ivy bridge

I am wondering what will be a better macbook for running video editing software and possibly some gaming. The MacBook with Ivy Bridge or the New Macbook with Retina display. I know the Retina will look better but will it run better then the Ivy Bridge?

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    The MacBook Pro with Retina Display should be faster. All MacBook Pros carry the Ivy Bridge processors but the MacBook Pro with Retina Display has solid state flash storage so it will be faster than the other MacBook Pros with hard drives. The Retina Display MacBook also has 8GB of RAM which is more than the other MacBook Pros.

    I'd go with the Retina Display one, it has great specs and also looks great. Should be great for video editing and gaming.

    -I have the MBP with Retina Display and use it for everything now.

    • Answered by Alek M from Excelsior
    • 06 19, 12
  • Not an easy question.
    Yes, the Retina have "newer" technology, BUT they also have a higher resolution display that eats that power up quickly.

    The regular macbook pro would be my personal best guess.
    Because to say the retina is faster due to it's SSD is to negate the fact the reg MBP can use one too.

    Put an SSD in a standard MBP and tell it doesn't go neck and neck with the retina.
    If not faster than...

    • Answered by Laurie M T from Sycamore
    • 12 11, 12
  • The MacBook Pro with Retina runs on Ivy Bridge too, all new Mac Laptops run on Ivy Bridge architecture now, with the 15 inch pro's also running Nvidia Kepler tech too

    • Answered by Dave L
    • 06 13, 12
  • They both have Ivy Bridge.

    • Answered by Aaron W from Eugene
    • 06 13, 12
  • Both of the MacBook Pros. Have Ivy Bridge, so both systems are the same speed.

    • Answered by Kelly Y from Renton
    • 06 18, 12