What is the best 'Time-Machine' compatible Disk storage to attach to my Wireless Router?

I have a Time Capsule (previous Generation) that I used for back-ups, but then it stopped. My network uses the TC as a wireless router, but now I really need a Time machine compatible solution to use within my wireless network and offer back-up to 6 users +, yet be expandable and upgradable as things progress.

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  • I had a 500GB Time Capsule and mine also stopped working. My set up now is a conventional External USB or Firewire Hard Drive (OWC, LaCie etc.) and an independent Wireless Router and it's all working perfectly. My one is an OWC 1TB but it's your choice which make/size is best for your needs.

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Trevor J M
    • 05 31, 15