what is the difference between 1.4 ghz and 1.6 ghz?

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    Hey Plano, the difference between 1.4 ghz and 1.6 ghz is a simple case of mathematics...with 1.4 ghz being 0.2 ghz slower than the 1.6 ghz model (I assume you're referring to CPU speeds...)

    Aside from the difference being 0.2 ghz, its impossible to tell you how much of a difference choosing one over the other will make without more information about whether its a dual core processor or quad core processor, or i5, i7, etc. The bottom line is the 1.6 ghz will perform better and faster PROVIDED both are the same type (meaning a 1.4 ghz quad core i7 could be quicker than a 1.6 ghz dual core, as an unconfirmed example).

    When in doubt, and if you have the money, go with the higher number of ghz. THAT is the only solid answer to your question!

    • Answered by Lauren R from Kentfield
    • 07 11, 15