What is the most appropriate MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for me to upgrade to?

I currently have a 15" MacBook Pro which has 8GB DDR3 and a dedicated graphics card. I've been looking at upgrading for a while but am not sure just what I would need in a MacBook and what would be a waste.

I used to game (hence the graphics card) but I now really only use my MacBook for browsing the web, Microsoft Office and a lot web development. I occasionally do some graphics but this is literally cropping or resizing pictures and I don't do any video editing.

I think the new MacBook is pretty much out due to its low processor speed and I know 13" vs 15" is a personal call but I was wondering if anyone could assist with what I should prioritise given what I use it for. It'd also be useful to know how the processor speeds / amount of RAM and a dedicated GPU would affect what I'm doing. I'd appreciate USB ports but I do tend to use wireless peripherals so it's not a huge game changer.

Price isn't a huge concern but I'd obviously not want to spend more than I need to and there's no point going for the bigger, more expensive MacBooks if I wouldn't use it.

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  • It really depends on how old your current laptop is and if it's actually causing you trouble and/or you want retina display (assuming it doesn't have it already). I think what you have left out is why you're looking to upgrade. Does your current laptop not perform smooth enough? It doesn't sound like you are concerened about the size and want something smaller. I really think from what you have said you do with it, your need for dedicated graphics isn't there anymore (it isn't really offered in the current gen anyway unless you spend a lot), 8gb of ram should be 100% fine for you still, and since it's a 15" I assume it's an i7?

    The only real difference you're going to get is the difference in screen size and weight if you go for something smaller, if that's not an issue I don't see much reason for you to upgrade other than getting something up to date. If your current laptop doesn't have an ssd, I'd look into upgrading that, it will make your computer feel a lot more responsive and snappy. The dedicated graphics would probably still be better or comparative to the current iris graphics also.

    The bottom line is, I don't see any reason you need an upgrade unless there is something you are looking for in the newer gen MacBooks, but if you have an i7, you should be good for at least another little while until there is some upgrade that you really.

    Sorry if it didn't help you decide which one to upgrade to, but there wasn't really enough information in your question to help us help you make a new choice! No upgrade is free and of you go for a third party ssd, a couple hundred dollars will get you 500g. Good luck!

    • Answered by Jesse W from Adelaide
    • 05 15, 15