What is the practical difference between 256GB PCIe-based Flash Storage and 750 GB SATA Disk

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    Main difference is speed: Besides the speed of the interface (SATA vs PCI-E) There is significant difference because you can assimilate the Flash with a memory card while the Hard Drive has moving parts inside.
    You can make a compromise (if possible in New IMAC e.g) by using a SSD on SATA interface instead the existing Hard Drive, Hope it helps!

    • Answered by Adrian I
    • 07 21, 16
  • With 750GB you have more storage but it's the only advantage.
    With PCIe-based Flash storage you have something durable because it has no moving parts, then it's fast, more responsive and quiet.

    • Answered by Adrien P
    • 07 12, 16