What kind of laptop should a college student get?

I'm going to college soon and I'm trying to figure out which laptop would be the best fit for this certain situation.

First of all, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro? I was settled on Air at first but from hearsay, Pro is sturdier and may last longer. Is this true? Also, I don't understand the information that is given about each laptop. Like for example, there's a Refurbished 13.3-inch Macbook Air 1.4GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5 in the certified refurbished section. It then proceeds to say it has 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory, 128 GB PCle-based flash storage, 720p FaceTime HD Camera, and Intel HD Graphics 5000. I have no idea what all this information means, so if someone could please explain, that'd be great. Lastly, what's the difference between memory and storage on a laptop?

Thank you!!

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  • Alicia, all of those numbers can look big and scary and be somewhat confusing. The first part of your post about GHz refers to how fast the computer can process information the faster the clock speed or GHz the faster it will process information. The amount of RAM you have and need will depend on what your going to be doing. The base amount is fine for most users if your plan to do photo editing etc you may want to get 8gb. RAM determines how many applications you can have open at one time without bogging down your system and it running slow. Lastly you asked about storage which is the 128gb this refers to how much information you can store on your computer things such as movies, photos, apps, and music etc. I hope this helps make all of those things a little clearer.

    • Answered by Zachary W from Noblesville
    • 07 29, 15