What MacBook should I get for college?

I'm starting to look for what type of laptop I want to get for college and I definitely want to get a MacBook. I just don't know which one to get. I'm not exactly sure what my major is going to be yet, but it will most likely have something to do with animals. I've read that the Air is recommended for college students for being lightweight, but I really don't care about weight at all. I don't have to have that much storage because I can just buy a separate hard drive. I don't have too much patience (haha!) so I would like it to be a pretty fast laptop. I want a 13" because I think 11" is too small for me and 15" is too big. Which MacBook would be a good match for me? Thanks!

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    You probably want the macbook pro 13" w/ retina Display. Its lightweight but has a bit of a sturdier feel than the air. It is fairly fast and never seems to slack AT ALL for word processing or anything I really throw at it being a college student as well.

    • Answered by Ricardo C from Sacramento
    • 07 29, 15