What's better for running Windows only software in a Mac? Install Windows,Virtual machine or any other suggestion?

I NEED to use Matlab, LabView, Proteus 7, and other engineering software. What is my best option? Install Windows,Virtual machine or what else?

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    I tried both, initially using Parallels Desktop and installing Windows 7 that way, but I found it slow and fairly unusable (and this is on a 2011 Macbook Pro). This is because you have to split the computers resources between the two operating systems as you are essentially running them at the same time. This means getting a balancing act correct to ensure each OS is still usable and most importantly, stable.

    I ended up using Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on a separate partition and this has worked out much better. Granted to change over you have to restart, but the operating system gets the full power of the Mac.

    • Answered by Michael B
    • 09 3, 12