Which Apple is best for a senior citizen? It must be simple to use and have ability to transfer slideshows to sim card

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  • Patricia,

    First you must ask yourself one question.

    Do I want it just for use in one room? Or do I plan on taking it with me to cafe it travel with it?

    Answering this will help you decide if you want to buy an iMac (too large to take outside the home)
    Or a mobile type device like a MacBook Air ( which is light and has an sd card slot on the side)

    Both new iMac and MacBook Air or cheaper macbookpro or MacBook
    Have a SD card slot on the side so you can take it out of your camera
    And insert it into your computer directly

    This is the workflow I am thinking you are used to at the current time?

    The apps PHOTOS comes with the computer and will make slide shows easy to import photos you import from the cards

    But you said you want to export them as well to the SD card?

    This is possible using apple apps like Photos
    But you can add text and animations and charts if you use the app KEYNOTE

    I hope this helps as your question is not a simple one to answer

    But just knowing if you are going to keep it in one room only like a library study
    Vs wanting the freedom to take it to the Senior Center or on a bus trip tour guide with your camera?

    I would get what my mother has a MacBook Pro
    Or an MacBook Air

    The air is lighter and newer

    But carrying it in a case and being able to use it in a hotel room or on the bus or plane with a battery is why my Mother prefers her MacBook Pro

    You can do slide shows with an iMac
    But you can't easily say you could do slideshows while traveling

    That is the big difference

    • Answered by J. Singleton M from Culver City
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