Which do I get a 13" air or pro, mainly using it for recording, internet, pictures, films etc. which one? sixth form student so portability needed.

I'm going to be a student at a sixth form college, taking music and other subjects. The reason I'm buying a mac, is because they have a great recording system and software. I'll need it to be portable as I'm going to be travelling an hour bus journey everyday, so don't really want to be lugging anything too heavy around. I'll mainly use it for recording, lengthy essays, playing music, storing photos, using the internet and watching films. So, everything a computer needs to be basically, and a disk drive is desirable although not essential. Thank you!

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    I believe that you should purchase the 13" Pro. While the Air is certainly great for its portability you will be needing the extra storage that comes standard with the Pro. I just purchased the 13" Pro and find it to be extremely portable. The additional speed of the Pro may also be an asset to you. Especially since you desire a disk drive, the choice is fairly clear that the MacBook Pro is the ideal solution.

    • Answered by Michael R from Peoria
    • 04 29, 12