Which is the best product for a freelancer?

I have recently set myself up as a freelance PR and marketing professional and need to buy a new laptop to take on client visits as well as working on whilst travelling. I am currently working on a very good PC laptop (with an i7 processor) at home with a large screen but it is not really portable. Additionally I am an avid photographer and am hoping to use the new laptop for both work and personal photographic assignments.
I am new to Apple and would appreciate your thoughts.

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  • I would recommend getting the 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display for the following reasons:

    -It has a large display and is quite portable.

    -The Retina Display is great for photography.

    -It is Apple's fastest laptop and comes with an i7 standard, (but really the amount of cores and the processor clock speed is more important than just saying "an i7 is better than an i5")

    -It has more ample power to do all of your assignments.

    -It has a great battery life.

    Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Will B from San Luis Obispo
    • 07 28, 13