Which Mac is better for a soon to be high school student?

I'm 13 and I want to use it for writing papers searching the web, checking my email etc. I don't know much about computers and I don't know if I will need a CD drive or if I will need the retina display or a really thin laptop. I just want to know what would be the best laptop for a middle school student that's gonna enter highs hook pretty soon. Hope someone can help. :)

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  • There are many factors, and in the end, it is your decision. Three MacBooks exist right now: The MacBook, the MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro. No Macs are currently sold with a CD/DVD drive. You can get an external CD drive if you absolutely need it, but as a high school student in 2017, there is very little you will need it for. The MacBook Air is probably your best bet for a 2017 machine. It has classic USB-A ports and can use multiple devices while being charged. Your high school may have accessories that require classic USB-A. The MacBook Pro is probably overkill for high school. You'd need to buy adapters for it to work. The MBP is expensive and heavy. The MacBook only has one port, and you would need to buy adapters, but It has USB-C, and will be very capable in the future.

    Has USB-C
    Recently Updated
    Good battery life

    Only 1 USB-C port
    No legacy ports such as USB-A or Thunderbolt 2
    Higher Price

    MacBook Air
    Cheapest of the bunch
    Legacy USB and Thunderbolt 2 ports
    Good battery life

    No USB-C, will be outdated in future
    Last updated in 2015
    Bad screen resolution

    MacBook Pro
    4 USB-C Ports
    Complete powerhouse, will last much after high school
    Awesome display
    Possible Touchbar
    New keyboard

    No Legacy ports, USB-A or Thunderbolt 2
    Size, MacBook Air/Regular are much smaller and lighter

    IF YOU BUY ANY OF THESE: Get a maxed processor, ram, and graphics. You don't need to COMPLETELY max it, but don't buy a MacBook stock. You WILL want a nice computer. It's pricey, but that's a Mac. Macbooks nowadays are NOT user-serviceable, and cannot be easily upgraded in the future. If you buy the MacBook, you'll notice a significant speed boost between the stock Intel Core m3, and the maxed Intel Core i7. The same goes for the other processor/ram/graphic upgrades in all Mac products.

    Hope this helped!

    • Answered by Matthew C from Half Moon Bay
    • 06 29, 17