Which mac is right for me?

I like to design and usually I use my laptop to do my homework. But, the laptop is getting slower and slower and it gets more annoying. The majority around me use Windows more than Macs or Apple so I would consider that, but aside from it, if I like to design and other things that involve graphics, which mac is right for me?

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    if you have macbook pro 15" then go with the latest mbp 15". if that is from year 2007 using dual core intel, it will be a great or huge jump since i7 processor give you more power than the older processor eg. c2d, dual core. I5 on 15" and 17" are both quad core so processing power will be a beast. and also graphic switching is in-built allow greater flexebility for power vs battery life.

    if you dont care about mobility, a Simple even base line IMac could please you.

    • Answered by Angelo Bryan P from Las Pinas City
    • 02 1, 12
  • Any Mac would work but I would say either the MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or the iMac would work the best.

    • Answered by Brad D from Oakdale
    • 05 18, 12