Which mac laptop is the newest with the cd/dvd slot??

I want to buy a mac laptop but i dont know which one to get i preferebly want one with a disk slot as i play games but there not as good as the newer air and pro but how do you download your games on those ones?does it cost money?which is the newest laptop with the disk slot? Which overall laptop is the fastest and best for running games??

2 Answers from the Community

  • I've asked at my local "Certified Apple Distributor" store and they assured me that a 2012 laptop would be the latest, but as you've heard, you can buy a unit to attach to laptops that does have a DVD slot.

    • Answered by Jaffra A from San Antonio
    • 07 7, 17
  • MacBook Pro non retina. I use a external usb cd which works out perfectly with my MacBook Pro retina. If you do that then you could choose from many MacBooks.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Benton
    • 02 16, 16