Which mac should a communcations major get? Air or pro? and How much storage?

I'm going to be a communications major in the fall, starting as a freshman. I am looking at the 11 inch mac book air. I'm not sure if the basic 4gb of ram will be enough for me or should I upgrade to the 8gb. I'm going to have a lot of papers and writing assignments due along with presentations. Along with web-browsing for school I will also be using the internet for my own personal use just on social media sites, and basic google, Wikipedia, email, and online shopping, and YouTube. I will also have my music and photos on there too. I intend to do most of my writing assignments in google docs as well. How much RAM do I really need?

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    If you can afford it, get more RAM. The 11" Air is a great little computer that will more than happily do everything that you need it to do. Always nice to have more RAM, though, especially if you're doing online research with lots of Safari tabs open.

    • Answered by Kurt T
    • 08 4, 15