Which Mac would be the best for playing The Sims 3 and its EPs?

I don't mind having a laptop or a desktop.
The biggest concern for me is having something that will run the PC game with medium-high settings and will not crash or load so slowly. I've had issues with finding an adequate computer since I began playing The Sims 3, so I want a computer that will last me through the expansion packs as well as the base game. I don't want to have to buy another computer in a few years as I have been forced to do in my lifetime.
My budget is the "cheapest available that mets my needs."
I have an HP desktop and it's inadequate, as is my newer Dell laptop. They both have Intel Graphics Cards, and I refuse to buy any product that has that graphics card ever again!
Please help!

1 Answer from the Community

  • the macbook air is what i say is the best for the sims 3 game

    • Answered by Linds A from Alymer
    • 09 22, 12