Which Macbook is best for me: The Macbook (Gold, 512 GB, 1.2 GHz, 2.03 pounds) or The Macbook Pro with Retina (512 GB, 2.9 GHz, and 3.48 pounds)?

I'm starting college on August so I really need to buy a laptop around this time of the month. My course is Diplomacy & International Relations so these are the properties I need (in order of most importance):
•Portability- I need my it to be super portable since I'm gonna be lugging it around campus a lot
•Speed- I need it to be fast
•Battery Life - I need it to last long without having to charge in the middle of the day/while in class
•Power- I need it to be able to handle having a lot of tabs open when I use the internet as I tend to do that a lot
•Multitasking Ability- I need it to be able to handle doing different tasks at the same time
•Ease of Use- I want my laptop to be easy to use and navigate
•Durability- Of course I'd want my laptop to last long =))

Also, I'm gonna be using the MacBook to mostly surf the web, do reports/homeworks/projects, research, Skype/FaceTime, do presentations, probably a little video editing, and maybe hooking it up to my TV once in a while =))
Note: I'm aware I need to buy an adaptor if ever I choose the MacBook

P.S.: Can anyone give me an idea of how much 2.03 pounds and 3.48 pounds weigh? Like, compare them to something (other than laptops, haha)

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