Which Macbook Pro, 13 or 15 for education?

I'm a homeschool mom and want to use iBooks Author or a similar program to put together my own curriculum. Most of the books would be about 10 - 20 pages, with maybe 4 or 5 photos, and probably 2 or 3 one minute or so videos per book. The videos would be ones I would download from other sources and just plug into the book. Other uses would include scrap booking, some photo editing and a little Netflix when I've been good and finished all of my work :-) Thank you for any advice you can offer!

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    We have both sizes of MacBook Pros at our home. My wife absolutely loves her 13" because it's compact, light weight, and exceptionally portable.

    The keyboards on both units are the same size and configuration, as are the touch pads.

    Her MBP 13 was built with a higher clock speed dual core i7, where my 15" is a quad core i7... both are faster than we almost always need at any time.

    I use my 15" MBP for work and gaming so the discrete video card comes in handy but at a price - battery life falls off a cliff. I can turn this feature off so I can eek out as much time off the grid as possible which is very handy while traveling.

    Both of our jobs require us to have a Windows instance handy, so we're both running Parellels with Windows 7 Professional virtually - and both laptops run it as well as any consumer PC laptop without a hassle.

    Ultimately my recommendation would be this: Editing photos and larger files would have ran you into a larger, more powerful laptop a few years ago - or left you chained to a desktop. Today is not the case. The 13" MBP will suite you very well. If you wish to have more portable display real estate - then opt for the 15" MBP with the optional higher resolution screen.

    If a small laptop is great, but you want more space to do editing ocassionaly - get a desktop LCD monitor for a $100 - $150 that will plug into your mac without issue. You'll be exceptionally pleased with either one.

    A trip to the Apple Store will help you decide. Also, don't forget AppleCare if you have kids around.

    • Answered by Jason T from Janesville
    • 08 15, 12