Which MacBook Pro model is right for me? (College student, light/medium gaming possibility)

I'm wanting to get a new laptop, and I'm switching to Mac. I definitely want the best of the best, but saving money is always good. I'm in college, and I'd like to be able to do a lot of multitasking, and I want it to last a LONG time, if it can. I'm also going to want to play some games, but the most I'll probably do is some light Steam games, definitely Minecraft, but mainly little indie games, Skullgirls, and Team Fortress 2. I was thinking the 15@ Retina with 16 RAM and 500GB, but if the 13" would do the trick it'd be fantastic. Main thing is, I'd like to have some wiggle room since who knows what I'll end up doing in the next few years. Essentially, power and speed are important, and whatever will guarantee it'll last me awhile, especially since I plan on going overseas to study abroad! I'd really appreciate some input from someone more experienced in stuff like this! Thank you!

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    Hi, I think for your usage the macbook pro 13" will be far more suitable.
    For medium gaming the 13" should work fine.
    The 13" has a solid 8 GB RAM that should work fine with multitasking.
    Besides if you are a college student that takes your mac from class to class, the 13" will be much easy to carry around
    13"- 3.48 pounds.
    15"- 4.49 pounds.

    • Answered by Josh K from Rehovot
    • 07 31, 15