Which macbook should I get?

I don't really do anything too intense. I'd need it for schoolwork with word, powerpoint, etc., surfing the web, and streaming videos online (but not downloading). I'm wondering if the 128GB macbook air 13" will have enough space, or if I'd need to get the 256GB version. If that's the case, would it make more sense to get the baseline 13" macbook pro? I want my laptop to be portable, but is the size difference between the 13" air and the 13" pro really that noticeable?

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    I think the MacBook Air is perfect as you will have the SSD (Solid State Drive) which boots incredibly quick. As for 128GB versus 256GB, it depends do you think you will store lots or little on it. In the future you may need more storage. In the end, it's your choice.

    • Answered by Marian O
    • 05 13, 12