Which Macbook would be best for me?

First of all, I know it's a long shot but is it any way possible to customise the new 13" Pro w/ Retina displays, so they DON'T have retina? I love the slim build, but I don't want retina. It hurts my eyes.
Anyway - I am a uni student and tossing up between the Air and the pro retina. If I got an air, I would upgrade it to 8GB so they are basically the same storage, except the pro seems to have long term durability.
I really want to air because it's so lightweight and it's non retina screen, but I also sometimes like playing the Sims and heard the Airs heat up quickly and can damage the laptop? Keep in mind I don't play the sims that often though, just every once in a while. So I'm not a heavy gamer.
I am even considering the old pros with the built in superdrive because the external drive would be annoying for me, but I am leaning towards the air. But I would love some advice... thanks!

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  • Go Air, but make sure that you buy it with 8gb of RAM, as you can't upgrade that later.

    If you were a heavy gamer, I'd say go Pro, but you're not and the Sims is not going to kill your Air.

    I have done broadcast TV editing and graphic design on an Air and never had a problem, so I'm confident that it can run SimCity without overheating.

    And if worse comes to worse, use the money you saved buying the Air to buy a Mac Mini desktop and use that for your games.

    • Answered by Michael H from Brooklyn
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