Which machine should I get, Macbook Pro 13" or Macbook Air 11"?

This upcoming machine will be my primary. Currently I'm having White Macbook 13" 2008 which has 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo. And basically it does not support Mac's new OS, Lion. I'm pursuing my Diploma in Software Development. So I need a new machine for my course. What do you guys reckon?

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    Regarding all the information you provided in your question, i think that you should get the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air 11" is simply too small for what you want to do on it and definetly not powerful enough. Also, i think the Pro is an all-round better computer and the lack of a disk drive on the Air is what puts me off it. If you can wait a while and save a bit more money, then i would recomend you get the 15" Pro, little bit faster and a bigger screen makes a lot of difference!

    • Answered by Thomas H
    • 06 15, 12