Which one is better for school and work use; new MacBook or the MacBook Pro?

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    That depends on what type of school work. For just typing documents and going on google, the Macbook. If that's what you do for school, then buying the macbook pro would have a lot a features that would be going to waste. The Macbook Pro is highly more powerful but the new Macbook is very portable. Since the new macbook only has one port, if you aren't really plugging things into your computer often, get the new macbook. I personally think it is a little too close in price to the Macbook Pro just because of the color. It only has a 1.1 GHZ speed so don't except much. If I were you I'd get the macbook air because it is powerful and portable. But if you are not plugging things into your computer and don't rely on it being crazy fast when it comes to editing, get the new macbook.

    • Answered by Dani P from Old Bridge
    • 07 10, 15