Will an 11 inch 128GB Macbook Air run sufficiently when using iMovie?

I'm going travelling and would like to make a few amateur movies on iMovie while I'm away, however I'm concerned the 128 GB 11-inch Air won't have enough memory and will slow down the laptop too much.

I'm planning on taking an external hard drive to store the footage on once the movie is complete, however I'm unsure how it will handle having anywhere from 2-5 hours of footage stored on it at any time.

I'm aware it may depend on the file size and footage quality, e.g. 1080 quality, however I'd appreciate any feedback or just a rough guide indication if you think it will be completely fine or if I'll run into trouble.

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  • It will, but don't forget that the MacBook Air is not really a computer for doing Digital Editing, so it will work but it will be slow to process your video.

    You would be better off with the 13 inch retina MacBook Pro, size wise, its not really much bigger, but its a much better computing machine. If you can, go for the retina 13 inch with the 8gig of ram and the 256SSD, if you need extra storage use an external USB 3 hd, they come pretty cheap these days.

    I do a lot of photo processing and sometimes video editing the the 13 inch retina MacBook Pro and it does the work properly, in the Digital world its never fast enough!

    • Answered by Bruno B
    • 02 1, 14