The question is, can I leave the iPhone in the smart battery all day? Or it damages the iPhone?

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

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    Yes, leave your phone in your case all day. I've switched from a Mophie case almost a year ago and this case beats the Mophie, hands down. The design is unique, the constant charging, pass thru lightening cable, and shape of the case make it comfortable to hold and the material is soft versus the hard plastic on the Mophie and similar cases.

  • Yes, except to occasionally clean the rear of the iPhone and the inside of the case, mine stays in the case 24/7/365. It is thinner than a Mophie, lasts longer, and is more comfortable in the hand to the touch. Leave it in the Apple-designed case, it was designed by Apple to protect the Apple iPhone.