This comes with a USB power cable. I see no ports on the reader to plug it in. Where does it plug in to charge the reader?

PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader

PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader

Product No Longer Available

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    The usb port is under the rubber bumper inside the part that would be next to your phone or tablet.

  • how can I charge my card reader? I dont have the usb cord that it came with. Also, where is the connectors on the card reader???

  • Susan K: If you lost the USB cable the PayAnywhere Reader came with, you can use ANY USB-A type to Micro USB-B type cable. Many devices use this type of cable. Search online, office supply, even department/drug stores with electronics sections.

    TIP: If you need to charge your iPhone WHILE the PayAnywhere device is attached, try removing it, flipping then attaching it on one side, you'll be able to fit your charger plug and the PayAnywhere will STILL works! It's a bit wobbly so be careful.