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To use airplay with the airport express does the airport express need to be connected to network or can it be used independently just for airplay

  • Asked by fn
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AirPort Express

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    Yes. An airport express can be used independently for Airplay. Set it up to create its own wireless network. The limitation is that the device managing airplay must then be connected to that same network.

    • Answered by Duke S from Hingham
  • I have a number of airport expresses in a number of configurations.
    1) I have one connected via cable to my airport extreme and internet which just provides airplay to the dining room
    2) I have one behind my TV and audio system which connects wirelessly to the network and provides a wireless bridge to an ethernet switch to provide internet connection to my blue ray, TV and receiver etc. as well as airplay but that is never used as I have an apple TV and the receiver does airplay as well.
    3) I have one on top of my kitchen cupboards which links to the network and just provides airplay functionality to an old set of powered computer speakers. So I can have airplay functionality in my kitchen with just an extension cord.

    So the airport express is a great device and can be used multiple ways and from my iPhone or iTunes you can play your music on multiple speakers easily all over the house.

    • Answered by Paul B from Birmingham